Methods & Techniques – Colour Pencil

First book in the series Methods & Techniques, Colour Pencil is the first instructional book on this medium to be published in India. Gopal Nandurkar with his artist friend Rahul Deshpande, as co-authors have produced this book for Jyotsna Prakashan. Colour Pencil gives thorough and detailed information on the use of colour pencils as a medium for portraits, landscapes, figures, still life etc. and numerous other possibilities that can be explored using them. A very useful and informative book, it’s a favorite among budding as well as professional artists. This book elaborates on various different techniques on handling this medium also giving detailed step-by-step demonstrations.
Over 25,000 copies sold

Size : 215 mm X 275 mm (8.5" X 10.875")
Pages : 48
Price : INR. 120/-
ISBN 81-7925-108-X


Methods & Techniques – Pastel

Second in the series of Methods & Techniques, Pastel, is an instructional art book detailing use of different types of pastels such as soft pastels, oil pastels, pastel pencils etc. Step-by-step working methods with practical hints are included in this book. There is a wide variety of subjects covering typical pastel techniques like stippling, cross-hatching, blending etc. Again, a must have for art students and aspiring as well as professional artists.

Size : 215 mm X 275 mm (8.5" X 10.875")
Pages : 48 Paperback
Price : INR. 120/-
ISBN 81-7925-141-1

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